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The WONDER of a child.

Children are living examples of the power of curiosity. As youngsters, we are extremely impressionable and eager to learn. Information that is presented to us is quickly absorbed and implemented into useful practice. As the young mind soaks up the wonders of the world, the child assumes command as master of their own experience. We must encourage the expression of new ideas and positive energy that children contribute to this world! 

We want to ensure all children are blessed with lives of unlimited abundance and happiness. Together, let’s guide them to be the best, happiest and healthiest versions of themselves so they can shine bright like the lights that they are... and spread that love, raising the vibration of the entire planet. 


We as conscious parents must bridge the gap by raising conscious children and helping them to develop these essential attributes, in or out, of the current school system. This requires that we wake up and pay attention – that we are not afraid to speak the truth to our children, nor do we hesitate to empower them to think clearly for themselves. As parents of awakening children, we must be fully awake ourselves, and we must embrace the courage to raise and support extraordinary children.


Children who think for themselves grow up to be adults who change the world!


During the early stages of life, we view the world in a fresh light. Everything we do is new and exciting, and we welcome our awakening with pure joy and unquestioned acceptance. At this budding stage of life, we are given the gift of creativity, which colors our young minds with vivid dreams of endless. All children begin life with a beautiful sense of wonder about their world. They are naturally intuitive and open. Young children have the ability to see the magic that floods every experience. They naturally witness the field of unlimited possibility in action, creating a reality of heightened awareness and extreme happiness. In many ways they are our teachers, and are filled with the natural wisdom of the cosmos. They see things we may have long forgotten. Children are the seeds of pure potentiality, and they are the future creators of the universe.

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