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Why don't we tell our children the truth about "the System" as soon as they are old enough to understand?

Education is essential, but there is a huge difference between memorizing information that you will never use and being able to learn something because it will positively impact your life, or open your mind in some expansive manner, allowing you to create and contribute to humanity.


The current education system, however, often falls short of addressing some of the most vital aspects of life. Traditional schools predominantly focus on academic subjects, leaving little room for crucial life skills that are equally, if not more, important. Skills like effective communication, nurturing relationships, sustainable living, and self-sufficiency in growing food or building homes are often overlooked. As a result, a significant gap exists between what traditional education provides and what is truly essential for leading a fulfilling and purposeful life.



The Death of Imagination

Our greatest power to consciously create lies in the “mental technology”known as Imagination. Everything begins with imagination. It is stronger and more powerful than any action that we take in the world. Isn’t it interesting that traditional schools shut down imagination?

If you cut off a child from his imagination, you have cut him off from his power to consciously create his life.


The System does not support imagination because it needs people to follow along and do what they are told in order to feed and sustain it. If everyone used their imagination and thought for themselves, most dysfunctional systems would break-down very quickly.

Education is a lifelong journey that should be dynamic, flexible, and responsive to the evolving needs of individuals and society.

In this new educational paradigm, learning is not a means to an end but a lifelong quest for personal growth and empowerment. It's about acquiring the knowledge and skills that truly matter, enriching our lives, and enabling us to make a positive impact on the world. It's about learning not just for the sake of knowing but for the purpose of doing, creating, and contributing to humanity in a way that aligns with our true potential. By embracing this broader perspective on education, we can change what schooling is and the essential life skills that define us as well-rounded and empowered individuals.

What can you do if your child is still in "The System" ?

Trust yourself as a parent, and don’t be afraid to go against the grain, in support of your children.

We must own the education experience for our children and not leave it in the hands of a broken system that is asleep and that is invested in keeping our kids asleep. We must create a school experience that, first and foremost, supports the well-being of the child – mind, body and spirit. Then we must structure education in a way that empowers children to thrive and to use their minds in ways that support the growth, empowerment and sustainably of the world. Education should instill confidence, inner strength, wisdom, intuition and the ability to learn.

We are born creative geniuses and the education system dumbs us down.

The school system, our education, robs us of our creative genius. Schools are structured, in such a way, that rewards are given for following along, being good, doing as you are told, memorization and repetition. Punishment is given for speaking out, thinking for yourself and not following along. Schools effectively teach students to feel powerless and to question their worth at every turn – breaking the precious spirits of our impressionable children. 

In many ways, schools use a military template in order to roll-out obedient citizens; long structured hours, endless homework, tests that create anxiety, and ceaseless memorization, with little time for recess. Keeping children sitting at desks all day also disconnects them from their bodies and the wisdom that is in the body. 

If your child is in the traditional school system, it is imperative that you be a strong parent and resist the pressure of teachers and school officials who try to tell you how to parent.

  • Take your power back as a parent.

  • Take a stand for your children.

  • Stop caring what others say about you or your children.

  • Don’t be bullied by school authority figures – who want you to bully your own children.

  • Support your children in thinking for themselves.

  • Overcome your own fears of breaking free.

  • Find other parents who think like you.

  • Form support groups for parents – and for the children.

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