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People do not get married planning to divorce. Divorce is the result of a lack of preparation for marriage and the failure to learn the skills of working together as teammates in an intimate relationship. 

  • What Makes a Marriage Healthy?

  • Managing Expectations

  • Setting Shared Goals

  • Great Communication

  • Moving From Me to We

  • Marriage Expectations 

  • Communication 

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Spiritual Unity 

  • Financial Management

  • Personalities 

  • Sex & Intimacy 

  • Goals & Dreams

  • Discover how ready they are for life-long commitment

  • Develop the skills to build a healthy marriage together in the long term

  • Identify relationship challenges that could arise in the future and how to tackle them

  • Prepare for your future by creating shared goals and build unity as a couple

  • Appreciate their differences and learn how to grow together as a couple

  • Improve communication and understand their deeper struggles

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